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This lists of all the Announcements that were moved from the home page and date on which the movement was effected

Moved on 21.04.2018

Prathibha Scholarship  2017-18 Final Rank List Published 

Moved on 06.04.2018

Applications Invited for National Technology Day 2018 Celebrations(Last Date of Submission : 05.04.2018) 

Moved on 23.03.2018

Selection List of Walk-In-Interview held for the post of Project Fellow/Project Assistant on 22.02.2018 Published 

Moved on 14.03.2018

Rank List of Walk-In-Interview held for the post of Project Fellow on 23.02.2018 Published 

Rank List of interview held for the post of Data Entry Operator ENVIS on 15.02.2018 Published 

Moved on 03.03.2018

National Science Day 2018 - List of recommended organisations   

Moved on 01.03.2018

Dr. P. K. Iyengar Memorial Lecture on 28th February 2018, 12 p.m. at Sasthra Bhavan 

Moved on 27.02.2018


Moved on 24.02.2018

Walk-in-interview for the post of Project Fellow/Project Assistant on contract basis on February 22&23, 2018 @ Sasthra Bhavan 

Moved on 16.02.2018

Application invited for Back To Lab Research and Post- Doctoral Fellowship ( Last Date : 30th January 2018 extended to 15 February 2018) 

Walk-in-interview for Data Entry Operator/Parataxanomist on contract basis on 15.02.2018, 11.00 a.m @ Sasthra Bhavan 

Moved on 09.02.2018

KSCSTE Research Fellowship Examination 2017-18 Results 

KSCSTE Post Doctoral Fellowship & Special Post Doctoral Fellowship 2017 – Results Announced 

List of Agencies selected for financial assistance to organise World Wetland Day 2018 Programmes

Moved on 30.01.2018

SGRF-SPARK Award 2018 Announced 

Kerala State Young Scientist Awardees - 2017

Presentation of Kerala State Science Literature Awards

30 Kerala Science Congress - List of Papers Selected for Best Paper Award/Oral Presentation Published

Moved on 26.01.2018

30th KERALA SCIENCE CONGRESS Curtain Raiser Programme- Venues and Dates 

Moved on 22.01.2018

Applications invited for Organizing National Science Day-2018 (Last Date: 20 January 2018) 

Moved on 20.01.2018

KSCSTE Research Fellowship : 2017 -18 Provisional Short list and Interview Date announced 

Moved on 12.01.2018

30 Kerala Science Congress Dr.P.R Pisharoty Memorial Lecture @ CWRDM on January 11, 2018 

Moved on 08.01.2018

National Colloquium on Application of Mass Spectrometry in Biological Research @ SRIBS Kottayam on January 5-7, 2018 

Moved on 05.01.2018

Quotations invited for printing work of 30th KSC-2018 (Last Date : 04.01.2018, 3.00 p.m) 

Moved on 01.01.2018

Quotations Invited for hiring of vehicles on Contract basis ( Last Date : 30.12.2017, 2.00 p.m.) 

Moved on 27.12.2017

enders are invited for supply, installation of Split air Conditioners (Last Date of Submission : 26.12.2017, 2 p.m) 

Moved on 26.12.2017

Quotations invited for the supply of Flowering Plants in connection with Vasantholsavam 2018 (Last Date : 23.12.2017, 2.00 p.m) 

Rank list of candidates for the post of project assistant and project fellow 

Moved on 16.12.2017

Application are invited for providing financial support for organising World Wetland Day 2018 programmes ( Last Date : 15 December 2017) 

Moved on 11.12.2017

KSCSTE Research Fellowship Examination 2017 Hall tickets are available for download 

Moved on 01.12.2017

Applications invited  for the post of Director at KFRI ( Last Date: 30 November 2017, 5.00 p.m.) 

Moved on 28.11.2017

Colloquium on Smart Materials& Structures @ SRIBS Kottayam on November 24-26, 2017 

List of recommended projects for financial assistance for SPYTis 1 & II 

30th Kerala Science Congress Website Launched 

 Moved on 20.11.2017

Regional Workshop for Science Popularisation Programme on 18th November 2017 at CWRDM 

Applications invited for the post of Executive Director at CWRDM (Last Date : 18 November 2017, 5 p.m.) 

Science Literature Award 2016 announced

Moved on 16.11.2017

Non acceptance of new proposals under Student Project Scheme 

Proposals invited under different Schemes & Programmes of Kerala Biotechnology Commission (Last Date:15 November 2017) 

Moved on 13.11.2017

Nominations invited for Kerala State Young Scientist Award (Last Date : 10 November 2017) 

Moved on 09.11.2017

Applications invited for KSCSTE Emeritus Scientist Scheme 2017 (Last Date : 3 November, 2017 extended to 8 November 2017)

Moved on 07.11.2017

Applications invited: KSCSTE Research Fellowship 2017-18 online registration (Last Date : 31 October 2017 extended to 06 November 2017) 

Moved on 31.10.2017

Workshop on NMR-MS Theory, Instrumentation and Application in Chemical/Biological Research @ SRIBS, Kottayam on October 27-29

Moved on 21.10.2017

Innovative BTech student project proposals are invited for the 'INNOVATE' of KSCSTE (Last date : 20.10.2017) 

Observance of Ozone Day Celebrations 2017 Sanctioned List 

Moved on 04.10.2017

Tenders are invited for supply, installation and commissioning of Air Conditioner (Last Date of Submission : 03.10.2017, 2 p.m) 

Moved on 03.10.2017

Applications invited for Prathibha Scholarship (Last Date : 15 September 2017 extended to 28 September 2017)

Selection list for Junior Research Fellow position in KSCSTE-VINVISH-CSIR-NIIST Joint Research Programme 

Moved on 25.09.2017

Click here to download hall tickets of Project Fellow/Project Assistant Examination scheduled on 24 September 2017 

Moved on 18.09.2017

Applications invited for KSCSTE Post Doctoral Fellowship & Special Post Doctoral Fellowship 2017(Last Date : 26.08.2017) extended to 16th September 2017

Moved on 14.09.2017

List of recommended projects during 62nd student project committee 

Quotations Invited for hiring of vehicles on Contract basis (Last date: September 13,2017) 

Moved on 02.09.2017

Trivandrum Biotechnology Industries Conclave 2017 on 31.08.2017,10 a.m. @ Mascot Hotel 

IPR Awareness Seminars/Workshops in August, 2017

Moved on 26.08.2017

Observance of Ozone Day Celebrations 2017 - Applications invited (Last Date:25 August 2017) 

List of Sanctioned departments for SARD 2017

Moved on 22.08.2017

Proposals are invited under SPYTiS Scheme (Last Date extended from : 20th July 2017  to 21 August 2017 )  

Moved on 21.08.2017

Inviting Expression of Interest from Chartered Accountant Firms (Last Date : 20.08.2017) 

Moved on 11.08.2017

Quotations Invited for hiring of vehicles on Contract basis ( Last Date : 10.08.2017, 2.00 p.m.) 

Moved on 04.08.2017

Applications invited for the post of System Manager on deputation basis ( Last Date : 03.08.2017, 5.00 p.m) 

Regional Workshop on Science Popularization Programme on 3rd August 2017 at Marian Engineering College, Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum 

Moved on 21.07.2017

Inviting Proposals from I&PRD Empanelled Directors for carrying out Video Documentary on Solid Waste Management in Trivandrum City (Last Date : 20 July 2017)

Quotations invited from registered firms of Chartered Accounts for conducting Internal Audit at KSCSTE Hq's (Last Date : 20.07.2017, 2 p.m) 

Application invited under SPYTIS Scheme (Last Date : 20.07.2017) 

Applications invited for the post of Scientist B and Scientist C in Patent Information Centre ( Last Date : 20.07.2017) 

Moved on 17.07.2017

Inviting Expression of Interest from Chartered Accountant Firms (Last Date : 15.07.2017) 

Moved on 11.07.2017

Proposals invited for organizing awareness programme on "Technological advances in transforming women’s lives" (Last Date : 10 July 2017) 

Applications invited for Junior Research Fellow : PAIR Programme (Last Date : 10.07.2017) 

Moved on 01.07.2017

List of Bidders who has qualified Part 1.Technical Bid of Sasthraposhini Lab Tender 

Call for Expression of Interests from Patent Law firms to be appointed as the Official Patent Attorney of KSCSTE (Last date for Submission : 30.06.2017) .

List of Recommended Projects during 61st Student Project Meeting 

Applications invited for Back to Lab Programme (Last Date : 30.06.2017) 

Moved on 27-06-2017

Quotations invited from reputed firms for Quarterly e-filing of TDS return ( Last Date : 26.06.2017, 5.00 p.m)

Moved on 20-06-2017

AMC for ISDN EPBAX System : Quotations Invited (Last Date : 19.06.2017. 2.00 p.m) 

Moved on 06-06-2017

Tenders are invited for the purchase of Lab Equipments for distribution in Govt. Schools in Kerala.(Last date of Submission extended from : 29.05.2017 to 05.06.2017, 2.00 pm)

Sanctioned list of Institutions for financial assistance for World Environment Day 2017 

World Environment Day 2017 on 5 th June 2017 @Kerala state Science and Technology Museum and Priyadarshini Planetarium, Thiruvananthapuram 

Moved on 29-05-2017

Applications invited for the post of Director for NATPAC (Last Date extended to 27-05-2017,5.00 p.m)

Moved on 26-05-2017

1.Tender invited for the purchase of Photocopier on Buy Back Basis ( Last date of Submission : 25.05.2017,2.00 p.m) 

2.Rank List of Programme Officer/Information Officer/IT Assistant/ProjectOfficer/Project Fellow published 

Moved on 22-05-2017

1.Proposals approved for organising  NTD-2017, in association with KSCSTE 

2.Workshop on Photonics @ SRIBS, Kottayam on May 19-21,2017 

Moved on 11-05-2017

Applications invited for organising World Environment Day 2017 ( Last Date 10-05-2017 ) 

Moved on 06-05-2017

Colloquium on Spectroscopy 5th May to 7th May 2017 at SRIBS, Kottayam 

Moved on 02-05-2017

Sasthra Sameeksha 2017

Applications invited for KSCSTE Science Literature Awards 2016 (Last date: 30-04-2017)

Moved on 29-04-2017

Walk-in-interview for Project Supervisor on contract basis on 28.04.2017, 11.00 a.m

Moved on 27-04-2017

Regional Workshop for Science Popularization Programme K.M. School of Marine Engineering Auditorium, CUSAT  on 26th April 2017 

Moved on 21-04-2017

Proposals invited for National Technology Day 2017. Last date for the submission of proposal : 20th April 2017

KSCSTE Research Fellowship Examination Results   

Prathibha Scholarship 2016 -17 - Rank list

Moved on 05-04-2017

P K Gopalakrishnan Memorial lecture @ Sasthrabhavan Pattom on 4th April 2017  

Moved on 28-03-2017

KSCSTE Research Fellowship : 2016 -17 Provisional Short list announced

Moved on 21-03-2017

Quotations invited for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Combined Computer & Printers in KSCSTE  

Moved on 18-03-2017

Rural Innovators Meet 2017

Moved on 14-03-2017

Applications invited for various post at KSCSTE  

Moved on 13-03-2017

Workshop on Green Technologies @ Sasthra Bhavan on 10-03-2017 at 10 a.m 

Moved on 01-03-2017

1.List of institutions selected for financial assistance to organize National Science Day 2017 celebrations  

2.List of recommended projects during 60th student project meeting

Moved on 27-02-2017

Prathibha Scholarship Provisional Rank List 2016-17 Revised Fourth Stage – 01.02.17 

Moved on 25-02-2017

KSCSTE Research Fellowship 2016 - 17 withdrawn list

Moved on 21-02-2017

1.KSCSTE Research Fellowship Examination Hall tickets are available for download

2.Rural Innovators Meet 2017 (Last Date : 15-02-2017)

3.List of Agencies selected for financial assistance for World Wetland Day 2017 Programmes

Moved on 09-02-2017

Applications invited: KSCSTE Research Fellowship 2016-17 online registration (Last date : 8 February 2017)

Moved on 04-02-2017

Prathibha Scholarship Provisional Rank List 2016-17 Revised Third Stage – 18.01.17

Moved on 21-01-2017
Moved on 19-01-2017
Moved on 17-01-2017
Moved on 11-01-2017
Moved on 03-01-2017

Moved on 30-12-2016

1.Result of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Youth Challenge Programme announced.  

2.Proposals invited under different Schemes & Programmes of Kerala Biotechnology Commission (Last Date: December 30,2016)

Moved on 16-12-2016

1.EOI invited from reputed CA firms(Date of Pre-bid Meeting-02-12-2016 at 11 a.m at KSCSTE) Last date of submission of EOI at 15/12/2016 5 PM

2.Post Doctoral Fellowship of Kerala Biotechnology Commission has been enhanced to Rs. 32,000/- p.m. +HRA (10%) with an annual contingent grant of Rs. 50,000/-

3.Prathibha Scholarship 2016-17 Provisional Rank LIst  

Moved on 08-12-2016

1.Quotations Invited for hiring of vehicles on Contract basis (Last date: December 8, 2016

Moved on 03-12-2016

1.List of recommended projects for financial assistance for SPYTis 1 & II . 

2.Kerala Science Literature Awards-2015 announced

3.KSCSTE Emeritus Scientist Scheme 2016 Results.  

4.The list of recommended projects during 59th meeting of student project committee. 

Moved on 21-11-2016

EOI invited from reputed CA firms(Date of Pre-bid Meeting-14-11-2016 at 11 a.m at KSCSTELast date of submission of EOI at 19/11/2016 2 PM.

Moved on 16-11-2016

1.Inviting Publishers/Distributors to exhibit their books @ KSCSTE on 14 November 2016.  

2.Quotations invited for Purchase & Refilling of Cartridge/Toner for printers (Last Date : 15.11.2016 at 2.00 pm)

Moved on 11-11-2016

Applications invited for KSCSTE Post Doctoral Fellowship & Special Post Doctoral Fellowship 2016 (Last Date: October 31st 10 November 2016)

Observation of Ozone day 2016 - sanctioned proposals

Moved on 17-10-2016

Applications invited under Kerala State Young Scientist Award (Last Date October 15th,2016 )  

Moved on 07-10-2016

Tender for the supply of PCs,Laptops and accessories (Last Date October 5th,2016)  

moved on 05-10-2016

Biomimetism & Bioinspiration Sources of Knowledge to create new materials ,  talk by Prof. (Dr.) Clement Sanchez at  CSIR-NIIST, Pappanamcode, Trivandrum   on Tuesday, 4th October, 2016 3:00 PM 

moved on 04-10-2016

Colloquium on catalysis, 30 September to 2 October 2016 at SRIBS, Kottayam 

 moved on 01-10-2016

The last date for receipt of application for Prathibha Scholarship 2016-17 is extended 30/09/2016 

List of Sanctioned Student Projects  

moved on 05-09-2016

Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Physics @ Kottayam on 3-5 September 2016.

 moved on 01-09-2016

Applications invited under SPYTiS Scheme (Last Date : August 31,2016)

Applications invited for KSCSTE Emeritus Scientist Scheme 2016 (Last Date : August 31,2016)

moved on 22-08-2016

Observance of Ozone Day Celebrations 2016 - Applications invited  (Last Date:20 August 2016)

moved on 18-08-2016

Project Proposals invited for Innovate of KSCSTE (Last Date : August 16,2016)  


Moved on 10-08-2016

Quotations  Invited for hiring of vehicles on Contract basis (Last date: August 10, 2016 

Moved on 01-08-2016

Colloquium on Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry @ Kottayam on July 29-31,2016  

Moved on 18-07-2016

1.Discussion Meet on 'Technology Vision 2035' at Kanakkunnu Palace, Trivandrum on 15th & 16th July, 2016.

2.Discussion Meet on the National IPR Policy and National Workshop on 'IPR and its Enforcement' at Kanakkunnu Palace, Trivandrum, on 14th & 15th July, 2016

3.Proposals invited under different Schemes & Programmes of Kerala Biotechnology Commission (Last Date: July 15,2016)

Moved on 02-07-2016

Applications invited for Kerala SastraPuraskaram 2015(Last date:30-06-2016)

Applications invited for Science Literature Awards 2015 (Last date: 30-06-2016)

Moved on 20-06-2016

Applications invited for Science Research Scheme 2016 

Moved on 13-06-2016

Workshop on Spectroscopic Techniques @Kottayam on June 10 - 12,2016

Moved on 09-06-2016

World Environment Day 2016 List of proposals approved for financial assistance.

Moved on 08-06-2016

World Environment Day 2016 Celebrations @ Priyadarsini planetarium,Thiruvananthapuram

Moved on 03-06-2016

Workshop on Gravitational Waves and the LIGO-India Project on 2 June 2016 @ Thiruvananthapuram.

Moved on 31-05-2016

National Technology Day 2016 List of proposals approved for financial assistance

LIst of sanctioned Student Projects  

Final Selection List of Prathibha Scholars 2015-16  

Moved on 18-05-2016

Applications invited for organising  World Environment Day 2016

Sasthra Sameeksha 2016 (Selection list announced)

Moved on 13-05-2016

National Technology Day Celebration 2016

Moved on 02-05-2016

KSCSTE  science essay competition

Moved on 22-04-2016

Applications invited for organizing National Technology Day 2016.

Moved on 19-03-2016

Tender for supply of UPS (Last Date 19-03-2016) .

Moved on 15-03-2016

Rural Innovators Meet (RIM) 2016  

Moved on 08-03-2016

 National workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Materials Science, Date: 4-6 March 2016 @ Kottayam 

Moved on 02-03-2016

  1. Proposals Invited for International Year of Pulses 2016 (last date 29-Feb-2016)  
  2. Application invited for  Traineeship in Science Writing & Science Communication in MLM  (last date 15-Feb-2016) 
  3. National Science Day 2016 Institutions Selected for Financial Assistance 
  4. Guidelines for organizing National Science Day - 2016 Celebrations 
  5. Traineeship in Science Writing& Science Communication in MLM division of KSCSTE
  6. List of Agencies selected for financial assistance for World Wetland Day 2016 programmes

Moved on 25-02-2016

1.National Science Day 2016 celebrations at KSCSTE, Pattom on February 24, 2016.

Moved on 24-02-2016

1. Workshop on ZIKA Virus on 22 February 2016 @ Mascot Hotel Thiruvananthapuram.

Moved on 20-02-2016

1.Applications Invited for the post of Programme Coordinator    

Moved on 08-02-2016

  1. Kerala State Young Scientist Award(KSYSA)2015 Result published   
  2. Application Invited for various Scientists posts in SRIBS (Last Date 30 January 2016) 
  3. List of Approved Student Projects
  4. Rank List of Project Fellow  
  5. Proposals invited under different Schemes & Programmes of Kerala Biotechnology Commission (Last Date: Feb 5th 2016)
  6. KSCSTE  Research Fellowship  Examination Results  

Moved on 22-1-2016

  1. Quotation for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Combined Computer & Printers in KSCSTE.
  2. Quotations invited: Hiring of Vehicles (Last Date 04.01.2016, 3PM)
  3. TECHFEST of KSCSTE: 8 to 9 January 2016 
  4. KSCSTE Emeritus Scientist Scheme Results 2015 Announce

Moved on 1-1-2016

  1. Distribution of Science Literature Award 2015 by Sri Oommen Chandy Honble Chief Minister, GoK on 17-12-2015
  2. Applications Invited for Organizing National Science Day-2016 (last Date December 31, 2015)
  3. Applications Invited for Organizing World Wetland Day-2016 (last Date December 31, 2015)
  4. KSCSTE Research Fellowships 2015 - Shortlist and Interview Schedule

Moved on 22-12-2015

  1. Prathibha scholarsip 2015-16- provisional rank list published

  2. KSCSTE Research Fellowship Halltickets Ready To Download 

  3. KSCSTE Post Doctoral Fellowship Announced

  4. Science Literature Award 2014 Announced   

Moved on 15-12-2015


Moved on 05-12-2015

Expression of Interest from Reputed Publishers to be a part of the Thiruvananthapuram International Book Fair Last Date Nov 20, 2015

Walk-in Interview for the Post of Project Fellows @KSCSTE on 3rd December 2015, Report Before 11:00 AM 

KSCSTE Research Fellowship Application Invited (Last Date October 31, extended to 15 November 2015)

Environment Management Training- Notification & Guidelines(Last Date 20 November 2015)


Moved on 11.11.2015

Moved on 23-09-2015


Moved on 16-09-2015

Moved on 07-09-2015

Moved on 17-08-2015

Moved on 03-08-2015

Moved on 24-07-2015

Moved on 17-07-2015


 Moved on 14-07-2015

 International Year of Light 2015 - Invitation for Expression of Interest 

Moved on 22-06-2015

Moved on 06-06-2015

Moved on 23-05-2015

Moved on 18-05-2015

Moved on 06-05-2015

Moved on 22-04-2015

Moved on 07-04-2015

Moved on 6-03-2015

Moved on 04-02-2015


Moved on 01-01-2015

Moved on 15-12-2014

Moved on 28-11-2014


Moved on 26-11-2014

Moved on 17-11-2014

Moved on 01-11-2014

Moved on 27-10-2014

Moved on 14-10-2014

moved on 24-09-2014



Date moved 04-September-2014

 Date moved 29-August- 2014

  • Proposals are invited under SARD scheme
  • The last date for submitting applications/proposals  for the following (YIPB,IBRS,BIRD,PDF,BTW,BYE,Fellowships for Science Writers & Science Communicators 2014 -2015) has been extended  to 15 th August 2014  

 Date moved 25-August- 2014

Date moved 28-June 2014

Date moved 01-June 2014

Date moved 27-May 2014

Date Moved 12-05-2014

Date Moved 24-06-2014