To provide Research Fellowship for women research scholars who had to undergo break during the course of their Ph.D. programme due to family commitments or other valid reasons, so as to facilitate re-entry in research.
Who can apply?
Applicants should satisfy the following conditions.
1. Only women candidates are eligible to apply.
2. Applicant should be of Kerala origin and unemployed.
3. Age limit : 45 years
4. Applicant should have qualified post-graduation with minimum 60% marks.
5. Applicant should have a valid Ph.D. registration  in an institution of academic/ research excellence in Kerala including R&D institutions, University Departments, Govt. Aided colleges, in any of the streams; Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture or Medicine (STEAM).
6. Applicant should have completed Ph.D. course work. 
7. Only those research scholars who are under a career break during the course of their Ph.D. programme due to maternity or other valid reasons are eligible to apply.
8. Applicant should not have completed 4 years as on the date of Ph.D. registration.
9. Applicant should not be receiving any fellowship or grant from any other source. 
Research Fellowship  
The scheme offers monthly Research Fellowship of Rs. 20,000/- + 10 % HRA in the first two years and Rs. 25,000/- + 10 % HRA  in the third year, along with an annual contingency grant of Rs. 20,000/-.
The candidate should choose a Scientist Mentor (preferably the Research guide) who should be a permanent faculty of the institution and should have atleast 5 years left in service in the Institute.
The Scientist Mentor should constantly monitor the progress of the project, facilitate smooth implementation of the programme and ensure timely submission of financial utilization certificates by the institute to KSCSTE.
Normally for 3 years.