Colloquium on Smart Materials& Structures


Colloquium on Smart Materials & Structures on November 24-26, 2017

@  SRIBS, Pampady, Kottayam


Smart materials have properties that can be changed in a controlled manner by an external stimulus, such as stress, temperature, moisture, electric or magnetic fields.  These include shape memory alloys, piezoelectric materials, magneto-rheological and electro-rheological materials, magnetostrictive materials and chromic materials.  A smart structure is a system containing multifunctional parts that can perform sensing, control and actuation.  Smart materials are used to construct these smart structures, which can perform both sensing and actuation functions. Smart structures are an integration of sensors, actuators and a control system. The field of smart materials and structures is interdisciplinary between science and technology and combines the knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and material, electrical and mechanical engineering. The program is intended for Mscphysics/material science students, young faculty members of colleges/ university departments and research scholars in the concerned topic.  The topics to be covered are i) Introduction to smart materials (ii) Piezoelectric Materials (iii) Applications of Smart Materials, (iv) Smart structures using Smart Materials.  Experts in the respective fields will lead the lectures in the above mentioned areas. 

Who can apply: MSc physics/Material science students, researchers, college teachers.

Total Seats : 60

Accommodation: Free dormitory facility will be provided for limited number of out-station participants.

Dr. N Raghu
Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET)
Athani P O, Thrissur 680581
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Chennai-600 036
Dr. Reji john
Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL)
DRDO, Min. of Defence, Govt. India
Thrikakara, Kochi- 682021
Dr. K. Venkataramaiah
Materials Science Division
CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories
Bangalore 560017
Dr. Veda Sandeep Nagaraja
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology,
Bangalore 560064
Dr. Vinod C Prabhakaran
National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)
Pune 411008

How to Apply:

There will be no registration fee.Applications with a very  brief CV and a statement to justify the participation in conformity with the objectives may be filed on-line by filling the Online Application Below.