About the Programme

The programme provides scholarship for students who have qualified meritoriously in the Higher Secondary Examination from Kerala for pursuing Degree/ Post Graduate courses in Basic/ Natural Science in Institutions/ Universities in India.


Motivate aspiring students to higher studies and a career in Science by providing scholarship.

Who can apply?

Students who have qualified with minimum aggregate marks of 95% or equivalent grade for all subjects and minimum 95% aggregate marks or equivalent grade for all science subjects for the Higher secondary Board Examination. Such students should also have  secured admission for B.Sc. /Integrated M.Sc. courses in Basic or Natural Science in any of the Institutions or Universities in India.(SC/ST reservation category the minimum eligibility is stipulated to minimum marks of 90% or equivalent grade for all subjects in total and minimum 90% marks or equivalent grade for all science subjects in total in the Higher Secondary Board Examination.)



  • Students selected for the award of Prathibha Scholarship are eligible for scholarship as follows.

B.Sc. Degree Course/ First 3 years of Integrated M.Sc. course

                                1st Year                                 - Rs. 12,000/-

                                2nd Year                                 - Rs. 18,000/-

                                3rd Year                                 - Rs. 24,000/-

M.Sc. Course *

                                1st Year/ 4th Year of Integrated M.Sc.    - 40,000/-

                  2nd Year/ 5th Year of Integrated M.Sc.  - 60,000/-

                  [*Continuation of the scholarship for the Post graduate course is subject to securing minimum   75% mark for Degree course.]


  • The scheme also offers opportunities for attending Science Enrichment Programmes and summer internships in reputed national and state level R&D institutions in the State.
  • Eight Prathibha Scholars (two scholars in each of the disciplines- Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics) are eligible to be considered for summer programmes at IISER-Trivandrum without screening test. The selection of Prathibha Scholars for summer programmes is subject to the norms of IISER-Trivandrum.
  • The scheme ensures atleast 50% of the selection for girl students. 10% of the selection is reserved for SC/ST students.


Degree Course                  : 3 years

Post graduate Course       : 2 years


Prathibha Scholarship 2017-18 Rank List  




       Norms for Submission of SE & UC as per KSCSTE Council(M)OrderNo.144/2017/KSCSTE dated 26-05.2017