Conference on Quantum Mechanics


                                     Conference on Quantum Mechanics                                                 

Organised by


Pampady, Kottayam (A Capacity Building Initiative of KSCSTE)
Venue: Hotel Chrysoberyl, Kottayam
Dates: June 20 and 21, 2015 
Emphasis of the workshop will be to provide the students with an awareness in various aspects of quantum chemistry at the master level.  It will familiarize the students with the derivation of theoretical methods starting from simple systems and extending to complicated many body problems.  This workshop is intended to have sessions on Postulates and Concepts of Quantum Mechanics; Solving Schrodinger equation of various systems such as particle in a box, simple harmonic oscillator, rigid rotor, atoms and molecules; Approximations; Hartree-Fock theory, and Molecular Orbital Theory methods.  
Who Can Apply ?
 MSc physics and Chemistry students and teachers in these area
Total Seats : 55 Nos.
How To Apply ? 
Applications with a very  brief CV and a statement to justify the participation in conformity with the objectives may be filed on-line by filling the online application embedded below (Due to overwhelming Response The registration has been Closed). There is no Registration Fee.As we do early, the students who are from far off places will be given accommodation at suitable place.  Chaitanya pastoral centre, Thellakom has sufficient rooms with nominal rate for these participants.
  1. Prof. Salaudeen Kunju
  2.  Dr. Suresh C.H. NIIST
  3.  Dr. Swathi, IISER, Tvm
  4.  Dr. Rajasree, Kerala University

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For more details Contact: Dr C. Arunan , Scientist E2, & Head Basic Sciences Division, KSCSTE, 
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