Workshop on Crystal Structure determination using Rietveld Refinement


Workshop on Crystal Structure determination using Rietveld Refinement  
Organised by
Pampady, Kottayam (A Capacity Building Initiative of KSCSTE)
Venue: Kottayam
Dates: September 11-13, 2015
Powder pattern Indexing and Rietveld structural refinement techniques arc complementary and are often used to completely describe the crystal structure 01 materials. The drawback of the conventional powder method is that the diffraction peak5 grossly overlap, thereby preventing a proper determination of the structure. The Rietvelc refinement method creates a virtual separation of these overlapping peaks, thereb) allowing an accurate determination of the structure. The Rietveld method is the best considered whole- pattern-fitting structure refinement, which accounts for the crysta structure, instrumental resolution, crystallite size effects and strain. The method has beer so effectively utilized in recent times to elucidate the crystal structure of materials in th( form of powders, ne.irly as accurate as the results obtained by single crystal diffractior techniques. An even more widely used application of this method is the determination o components in chemical mixtures.
This workshop introduces the theory and simulation studies of Rietveld refinemen. technique. The workshop will have lectures and tutorial sessions. Topics include bask crystallography, Rietveld, line broadening, texture, order-disorder effects and residua stress analyses. Speakers would be experienced professors/researchers in the field o crystallography. Participants are advised to bring their laptop to practice the handling o softwares and data fitting during the tutorial sessions.
Who Can Apply?
 PhD students  and young faculty members in Physics.
Total Seats : 30 Nos.
How To Apply?
Applications with a very  brief CV and a statement to justify the participation in conformity with the objectives may be filed on-line by filling the online application embedded below. There is no Registration Fee.As we do early, the students who are from far off places will be given accommodation at suitable place.  
Experts in the respective fields will lead the lectures
Resource Persons
  1. Prof.T.N Guru Row, Indian Institute of Science, Banglore
  2. Prof. P.N.Santhosh, indian Institute of technology, Madras
  3. Prof. C. Sudarsanakumar, M.G.University, Kottayam
  4. Dr. manoj Raama Varma, NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram
  5. Miss.Neethu Lakshmi,NIIST,Thiruvananthapuram  


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