Dr.Sherin B.M
Scientist – B
Technology Development & Project Management Division
Ph. No. 0471-2548 230
E. mail id: sherin.kscste@kerala.gov.in
Current Role
  • Involved in the co-ordination and management of technology development initiatives of KSCSTE.
  • Implementation and management of technology development schemes such as Engineering and Technology Programme (ETP), Technology Development and Adaptation Programme (TDAP) and Rural Technology Programme (RTP).
  • Collaborating and networking with various agencies for technological project development.
  • Involved in the planning and organization of the Annual events Technology Festival (TECHFEST) and Rural Innovators Meet (RIM).
  • PhD, January 2019, Faculty of Technology, Cochin University of Science & Technology for the thesis entitled ‘Underwater Target Classifier with Improved Success Rate using Meta-optimal Support Vector machines’.
  • Master of Technology (M.Tech) in VLSI & Embedded Systems, 2009, Cochin University of Science & Technology.
  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2007, University of Kerala.
Scientist -B, KSCSTE since 2013
Awards & Recognitions
  • B. M. Sherin and M. H. Supriya, “SOS based selection and parameter optimization for underwater target classification,” in OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey, 2016, pp. 1–4.
  • B. M. Sherin and M. H. Supriya, “WOA based Selection and Parameter Optimization of SVM Kernel Function for Underwater Target Classification,” Int. J. Adv. Res. Comput. Sci., vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 223–226, 2017.
  • B. M. Sherin and M. H. Supriya, “Parameter Selection and Optimization of an SVM based underwater target classifier using Stochastic Fractal Search,” in 2017 International Symposium on Ocean Electronics (SYMPOL), 2017, pp. 40–48.
  • B. M. Sherin and Supriya M. H., “Selection and parameter optimization of SVM kernel function for underwater target classification,” in 2015 IEEE Underwater Technology (UT), 2015, pp. 1–5.
Membership in Professional Bodies