Webinar on NMR spectroscopy: Theory, Instrumentation and Applications

Organised by SRIBS

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has important role in basic and applied research. From the initial works of Prof. Isidor Rabi of Columbia University, NMR has tremendously changed; from one dimensional NMR to multi-dimensional NMR. This technique is now an indispensable tool to chemist, physicists and biologists. The development of cryo-magnet and powerful computers helped in the rapid development of NMR. Today NMR is one of the top analytical instrument to study the properties of atoms and molecules including biomolecules. NMR is now used not only in solution, but in crystalline and amorphous substance to study the properties of molecules. NMR is routinely used in medical field as Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
The topic covers basics of NMR, multidimensional NMR, MRI, solid-state NMR and applications of NMR for small molecules and large biomolecules.

Targeted Participants : Post graduate students in life sciences and chemistry, researchers in bioorganic chemistry and chemistry, and young faculty members.

Dates : 20-23 August, 2020

1. Prof. K. V. R. Chary, IISER, Berhampur
2. Prof. P. K. Madhu, TIFR, Hyderabad
3. Prof. Rama Jayasundar, AIIMS, New Delhi
4. Prof. I.N. N. Namboothiri, IIT, Mumbai
5. Dr. Sulakshana P. Mukherjee, IIT Roorkee
6. Dr. Vinesh Vijayan, IISER, Trivandrum
7. Dr. Sunilkumar P.N., IIRBS, MG University, Kottayam