Partnering Academic Industrial Research (PAIR)

Partnering Academic Industrial Research (PAIR) scheme is intended to promote translational research through academia - industry linkage. The scheme envisages to identify a researcher, who works towards Ph.D. or Post-Doctoral programme with the partnering institute concerned. Based on the advertisements, KSCSTE will select the research fellows. The research fellow will conduct the research working jointly in the R&D institute/ academic institute/ industry, with research advisors being drawn from each of these institutions. The term of research programme is normally 3 years for Ph.D. and 2 years for post-doctoral research.

 Details of Payment effected in 2022
Details of Payment effected in 2021 
December 2021
March 2021
Details of Payment effected in August 2020

Applications are invited through advertisement

  • After completing the Ph.D. / post-doctoral research, the candidate will be appointed as an intern at the sponsoring industry.
  • There is possibility of subsequently being absorbed as permanent staff in the industry.
  • KSCSTE will help the industry to identify the R&D institution and academia to partner with the industry for conducting the joint research.
  • The sponsoring industry will define the research area of the Ph.D./ post- doctoral research fellow

Post-graduate degree /Professional degree/Ph.D. as required by each PAIR programme

Scientist-in-charge (PAIR)
Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment
SasthraBhavan, Pattom,Thiruvananthapuram – 695004
Tel No. 0471-2548218

  • Application Form
  • Statement of Expenditure and Utilization certificate