• To promote excellence in science and technology through learning, research and development with the participation of academia, industry and research organizations.
  • To benefit the society through science and technology interventions with the involvement of user agencies and beneficiaries for the improvement of infrastructure, livelihood, amenities and environment, thereby realizing sustainable development and better quality of life.

Mission “Science for Humanity” is the motto of KSCSTE.

With a view to identify and implement programmes to achieve excellence in S&T within the state and to provide service to the society at large, KSCSTE has the following mission.

  • Capacity building within the academic and research institutions in the state with a view to undertake major research projects and generate innovative products, processes and to protect the intellectual property rights.
  • Enabling the R&D Centres of the Council financially and to carry out research and development in their respective areas of expertise.
  • Identification and facilitation of projects and programmes in the biotechnology sector.
  • Creation of State Biodiversity Board for the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources.
  • Providing funds as grant-in-aid to select institutions as programme support for S&T activities.
  • Creating Centres of Excellence in priority areas of research in research and academic institutions within the state.
  • Augmentation of laboratory and scientific infrastructure in colleges, university departments and other research centres.
  • Nurturing young talents and promoting them to take up projects, activities, research and development in the field of S&T.
  • Promoting innovation at the grass root level and development of rural technology for the benefit of the masses.
  • Development of incubator for translational research, technology transfer and pilot scale development of industrial application and high priority areas of research.
  • Societal applications for S&T in the areas of S&T communication application of technology and S&T based entrepreneurship development.
  • Conservation, protection and management of physical environment and ecosystems, through R&D and management action plan.