Dr. Anilkumar C
Senior Principal Scientist
Science Education Division
Ph. No. + 91-471-2548223
E-mail : anil.kscste@kerala.gov.in
Current Role
Presently heading the activities of Science Education Division. The primary role of the Division is to design and implement schemes and programmes to promote science education in the State.
The programmes includes

  • Sastraposhini scheme
  • Scheme for Promoting Young Talents in Science (SPYTiS)
  • Science Education Centre
  • Science Media Support
  • Crafting Young Scientists of Tomorrow (CRYSTAL)

The following DST, GoI sponsored projects are also managed in the Division

  • Student Project
  • National Science Day celebrations
  • National Mathematics Day celebrations
  • MSc., Ph.D. from University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram(1995)
  • Post-doctoral fellow of CSIR, New Delhi (1995-1997)
  • Certificate in Geoinformatics, Central Water And Power Research Station, Pune (2005)
  • Certificate in Environment Management, IISc, Bangalore(2015)
  • Certificate in Science Management, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (2017)
  • As a researcher, I have twelve years of experience in the study of the coastal ecology and environment of the seaweeds of India and I could publish Twenty-two research papers in the field of ecology and taxonomy of Seaweeds. Reported five new algal species of high economic value and a number of new Indian reports.
  • Fourteen years experience in science management in various schemes and programmes of KSCSTE, Kerala State Biodiversity Board and Kerala Biotechnology Commission.
  • Member Convenor of the 24th Kerala Science Congress (2012)
Awards & Recognitions
  • UGC (JRF & SRF)
  • PDF ( CSIR )
  • National award for the best paper presented on the 3rd National Congress on Medicinal Plants, December 27, 1999.at Thrissur, Kerala.
  • Anil Kumar.C. and M.V.N. Panikkar, 1993. A new species of Myriogramme Kylin (Delesserales, Rhodophyta) from Kerala. Seaweed. Res. Utiln. 16 (1&2) :199-203.
  • Anil Kumar.C. and M.V.N. Panikkar. 1995. The species of Prophyra C.A.Agardh from Kerala. Seaweed. Res. Utiln. 17:151-160.
  • Anil Kumar. C and M.V.N. Panikkar 1997. Indian Species of Porphyra (Rhodophyceae, Bangiales). Feddes Repertorium. 108, 5-6, 419-423. Berlin, Germany.
  • Anilkumar.C, 2003. Observations on the species of Ceramium (Cermiales – Rhodophyta) from Kerala. Bull. Bot. Surv. India 45 (1-4) : 173-178.
  • Anilkumar C & P. S. N. Rao, 2005. A new species of Porphyra (Rhodophyta, Bangiales) from the Malvan coast of Maharashtra, India. Feddes Repertorium Volume 116, Issue 3-4 : 222-225. Berlin, Germany.
Membership in Professional Bodies
Life member of Indian Botanical Society (Kerala Chapter)
Life member of Kerala Academy of Sciences
Life member of Seaweed Research and Utilisation Association