Science Research Scheme

Science Research Scheme (SRS) is a research support programme of KSCSTE aims towards promotion of R&D activities in the State both in fundamental and applied research by providing grant for the implementation of such research projects. Regular faculties of Colleges and Scientists from Research Institutions/Research Laboratories can apply under the scheme. The scheme supports research projects in any of the identified domain themes/sub themes which will be notified from time to time. Based on the recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committee of SRS (PAC-SRS), maximum research grant of Rs.30 lakh will be provided to the selected projects for a maximum duration of 3 years.

The Principal Investigators who have submitted Projects Proposals to KSCSTE during the last 3 years are requested to follow the new guidelines and re-submit the proposals again through the new Digital Project Proposal Submission System of KSCSTE available at

Details of Payment effected in the year 2021
March 2021
Details of Payment effected in the year 2020
July 2020
May 2020


Project Proposals will be invited through notification in the website of KSCSTE, once in a year. The Proposals can be submitted through online only on notification and during the active time. Proposals under this scheme shall be submitted online only. Proposals submitted in any other mode will not be considered and summarily rejected.

The Research proposals are to be submitted in two stages. In the first stage, only pre-proposals will be invited. The detailed proposals need to be submitted on intimation after the review and evaluation of the pre-proposals. The proposal should fit in to any of the following domain themes/sub themes, which will be notified from time to time.

Sl No Domain Themes Sub Themes

Natural Hazards: Mitigation & Management


Drought, Floods, Landslides, Earthquake, Cyclone, Sea Erosion, Lightning, Spatial temporal dynamics of climatic parameters, Carbon Sequestration, Mitigation of climate changes

ii. Water Resources Conservation and Management Water Quality, Wetlands, Studies on water relations to forests
iii. Advanced Methods of Waste Management Solids & Liquids Waste Treatment and Disposal
iv. E-mobility and High-Speed Transportation Systems Biofuel, Fuel cell, Solar energy, Energy Storage
v. Health Sector & Biotechnological Developments


Epidemiological Studies, Development of Medical devices, Standardisation of Ayurvedic Medicines and Traditional Knowledge, Vaccine & Drug Development, Viral Studies, Nutraceuticals, Disease Diagnostic kit Development, Vector borne diseases, Translational research, Medical Biotechnology

vi. Resource Mapping & Management

Biodiversity Conservation, Value Addition of Heavy Minerals, Wood Technology

vii. Agriculture


Development of Improved & High Yield Varieties, New IOT based irrigation Technologies, Integrated Pest Management, Precision Agriculture, Micronutrient Development, Modern Harvesting Technologies, Post Harvest Technologies, Land use land cover dynamics, Climate change resilient crops
viii. Data Science Spatial decision support systems, MIS, Expert systems, Geo-informatics, Big data with AI, Machine Learning
ix. Solution Oriented Research for Location Specific Problems of Kerala State.

River bank stabilization, Salinity ingression, radiation issues, implication of large scale sand mining, groundwater status


Other relevant themes

Biological invasions, Natural capital accounting, Devices based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems and Nanotechnologies, Higher research in Mathematical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries.

  • Maximum research grant of Rs.30 lakh is provided for carrying out the research for a maximum duration of 3 years.
  • Grant will be given for specific projects to cover expenditure on Manpower, Consumables, Equipment, Travel & Contingencies.
  • In the case of research proposals from Central Institutions, it is desirable that there may be a State Institution as collaborator
  • The research grant for the implementation of the project is released through the Implementing Institution.
  • Implementing Institution is eligible for an overhead @ 10% of total expenditure subject to a ceiling of Rs.1 lakh, on successful completion of the project and after the settlement of the SE&UC.
  • Principal Investigator (PI) shall be a regular faculty of Research Centres/Scientists in R&D Institutions, Departments of Universities, Government/ Aided Colleges in the Kerala State.
  • The PI shall have more than five years of service period left for superannuation at the time of submission of project proposal.
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) should have Ph.D. in the subject area.
  • For interdisciplinary subjects, at least one of the Co-Investigators should be an Expert with commendable experience in the specialized filed.

The Director
KSCSTE, Sasthra Bhavan
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Scientist in –Charge
Dr. K. Vijayakumar
Senior Scientist
Tel: 0471–2548214