KSCSTE is committed towards maintaining accountability and transparency, and making the Right to Information Act, 2005 effectively operational. We welcome queries under the Act and will try to provide answers through the concerned authorities. The following officials are designated as RTI Officials in respect of various divisions of KSCSTE HO as per Section 5[1] of Right to Information Act, 2005.

State Public Information Officers (SPIO)

Sl No Name Subjects
1. Sri. Dinesh P
Deputy Secretary to Govt. & Administrative Officer
KSCSTE Head Office
Establishment and Accounts
2. Dr.Kamalakshan Kokkal Subjects connected with Coastal Environment Division and subjects
not coming under any of the following SPIOs.
3. Dr.Ajit Prabhu V Subjects connected with Technology Development and Project Management Division.
4. Dr. K. Vijaya Kumar Subjects connected with Science & Technology Promotion Division.
5. Dr. C. Anilkumar Subjects connected with Science Education Division.
6. Dr. C. Arunan Subjects connected with Basic Science Division.
7. Dr. P. Harinarayanan Subjects connected with by Wetland Technical Unit and Science Popularisation Wing.
8 Dr. K.R. Lekha Subjects connected with Women Scientists Division.
9 Dr. A. R Sarika Subjects connected with Institute of Advanced Virology
Kerala Biotechnology Commission
Kerala Biotechnology Board
10 Head, ISD Subjects connected with ISD and Library and Documentation Centre.
Assistant Public Information Officers (APIO)
1 Smt. Bindu S.R Establishment and Accounts
Appellate Authority
Controller of Administration will be the Appellate Authority in respect of first SPIO.
Director will be the Appellate Authority in respect of all other SPIOs.