Karamana River Scientific Management  - Pilot Project

Rivers Worldwide are polluted due to anthropogenic activities. Many countries have understood the impact of river pollution on living things & environment and adopted scientific methods to mitigate pollution and succeeded sustainably.

The objective of KRSM (Pilot) Project is to develop and implement a comprehensive model action plan for the scientific management of Karamana- Killi River in the city area with the idea of copying the success story to other rivers also.

This special project is co-ordinated by KSCTSE, monitored & implemented by TRIDA and executed through line Departments & Institutions with people’s support and involvement. Government have constituted a Co-ordination Committee, an Implementation Committee and a Technical Committee for advice and guidance of the project. The project started in 2013-14 and is continuing. About fifteen subprojects had been competed, and three are in the completion stage. After assessing the progress of the pilot project, it has been decided to wind up the pilot project and take it to a larger scale at a higher level to achieve the goal of clean Karamana - Killi River from the origin to the end. Hence, KRSM (Pilot) Project is in completion mode. The entire funding is by the State Government. Thrust is given to development of infrastructural items which have direct impact on pollution mitigation of the river. Emphasis is also given for awareness and people’s involvement in the project.

1. Thiruvallam Thode & Pollution Mitigation

  • Weir with PVC Shutters on either end.
  • Pump house
  • Pump set
  • Slope Correction

Execution: Irrigation Department. BE: 50 lakhs. All works are completed.

2. Thiruvallom Balikadavu ,Renovation, Waste Management, & Allied works

  • Balikadavu renovation (Irrigation Dept. through Habitat)
  • Incinerator (Irrigation Dept. through KSIDCO)
  • Biogas plant (Irrigation Dept. through KSIDCO)
  • Chain linked fencing: 100x2mts (Irrigation Dept.)
  • New balikadavu. Irrigation Dept.

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: 88 lakhs. All works are completed

3. Gated Weir at Myladikadavu

Execution: Irrigation Dept. BE: 22.5 lakhs. Work completed

4. Renovation of Maruthankuzhi Weir

Execution: Irrigation Dept. BE: 25 lakhs. Work Completed.

5. Renovation of drains with silt trap at Myladikadavu

Execution: Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation. B E: 52.5 lakhs. Work Completed

6. Installation of Surveillance Camera on Killiar bank from Myladikadavu to Attukal Bridge

  • Monitoring system installed at Cantonment Central Monitoring Station, Home Dept.
  • Execution: Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation through KELTRON

B E: 55.01 lakhs Support: Home Dept. Work completed

1. Chain linked fencing on both sides of 8 bridges of Karamana river

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E - 80 lakhs. Work completed

2. Renovation of Thekkanekkara canal (open canal)- 2.57 kms.

  • Waste removal & cleaning
  • Side Wall renovation
  • RCC slotted slabs in sensitive areas
  • Chain linked fence at sides of canal & bridges

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: 125 lakhs. Work completed.

3. Providing 3 new Sewage pumps at Kuriathy Pumping Station with panel, Transformer, etc

Execution: KWA (Sewage). B E: 160 lakhs. Work completed.

4. Sewage pipelines at Thittakudi, Sastri nagar, Siva nagar & Kailas nagar

Execution: KWA (sewage). B E: 190 lakhs. Work completed.

5. Installation of Surveillance Camera at Myladikadavu to Maruthankuzhi

Execution: Home Dept. through KELTRON. B E: 63 lakhs. Work completed

6. Biodiversity Park & protective work of the right bank downstream of Karamana Bridge

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: 70 lakhs. Work completed
Bio park (20 lakh) - Work dropped.

7. Chain linked fencing on 10 bridges along Killi river

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: 70 lakhs. Work completed

8. Awareness and Publicity

Execution: KSCSTE. B E: 17 lakhs Publicity & Awareness Board
Documentary video-pending.

1. Chain linked fencing on either side of Thiruvallom Thode – 450x2mts.

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E : Rs.55 lakhs. Work progressing.

2. Bio-diversity park at Karamana II Phase – Walkway, Gate, fencing, lighting etc.

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: Rs.65 lakhs. Work progressing.

3. Dhobi ghat in Karamana river at Kalady

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: Rs.15 lakhs. Work completed.

4. Providing chain linked fencing on both sides of various bridges of Killi river- 13Nos. – from Parachira to Vazhayila

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: Rs.81 lakhs. Work completed.

5. Check dam in Karamana river at Kalady

Execution: Irrigation Dept.
B E: Rs.65 lakhs. Work progressing

6. Awareness and Publicity

Execution: KSCSTE. B E: Rs.12 lakhs
Work progressing, IInd phase Awareness Boards under preparation.

1. Provide gabion protection wall and net arrangement for preventing entry of floating wastages intoThiruvallom Thode and New Balikadavu.

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: Rs.17 lakhs Tender issued.

2. Two year maintenance and painting of existing fencing on bridges across Karamana River.

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: Rs.10 lakhs. Work in progress.

3. Maintenance of bund road on the left side of Karamana NH bridge to Azhankal junction.

Execution: Irrigation Dept. B E: Rs.120 lakhs. Work in progress.

Prof. (Dr). K.G. Narayana Pillai
Advisor & Chief Project Co -ordinator
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Er. Gopakumar B
Project Supervisor
Hari Priya
Project Fellow

Advisor and Chief Project Coordinator
Kerala State Council for Science Technology & Environment (KSCSTE)
Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom P. O., Thiruvananthapuram – 695 004
Ph: 0471 2548408, 2548258
E.mail: krsm.kscste@kerala.gov.in