Entrepreneurship Development by SC & ST Women in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (ED/SC-ST- WISTEM) is aimed for exploring the potential of entrepreneurship along with improvement in the livelihood options for unemployed scheduled caste and scheduled tribe (SC & ST) women in STEM areas using tools of Science, Technology and Innovation.

KSCSTE- Call for Applications- Entrepreneurship Development by SC & ST Women in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (ED/SC-ST- WISTEM 2022)’ – Last Date of Application- extended upto 10 October 2022

  • Call for applications will be notified through print media and the websites/social media handles of KSCSTE (www.kscste.kerala.gov.in). The application should be submitted as per KSCSTE notification using appropriate weblinks provided in the website.
  • Following the proposal submission guidelines, the applicant can directly submit applications/proposals to KSCSTE. Alternatively, the application submission can be done through nomination from the Head of S&T Institutions across Kerala. In the case of nomination, technical documents (and other required documents) along with recommendation letters from the Head of Institution must be submitted to KSCSTE. For nomination, KSCSTE will be sending prior information about the call of proposals to the Institutional authorities across the state for nominating eligible candidates for participation in the programme.
  • Selection will be based on the evaluation of nominations received subject to recommendations of the Expert Committee constituted for the purpose by KSCSTE and final approval by competent authorities of KSCSTE.
  • Merit of proposal will be considered as the major criteria for evaluation process. The merit of the proposal is assessed based on Key Points like (a) Need (solutions) (b) Social/commercial potential (c) Technical viability (d) Team strength (e) Business plan (e) TRL with measurable indicators.
    Application which doesn't follow the guidelines will be summarily rejected.
  • Structured programme - one year - 3 months entrepreneur training for SC- ST women in STEM & employment opportunities to unemployed SC-ST women in STEM areas for becoming as a Techno-entrepreneur for improving their livelihood using various aspects of Science, Technology and Innovation along with upgradation to higher level development of products/ technology with potential for commercialization
  • Promote the commercial potential of marketable products/ technologies with appropriate Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for enterprise creation in different areas and sectors
  • Fellowship & other financial support
  • Mentor & institutional support
  • On-site evaluation
  • Selected candidates will be termed as ‘KSCSTE Project Scientist-ED/SC-ST-WISTEM 2022’.
  • Submission of application either directly or by nomination by Head of S&T Institution
  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen and SC &ST women in STEM areas of Kerala State.
  • The upper age limit for financial support for the programme would be ≥50 years.
  • The applicant should hold Ph.D. degree in Science or Technology or Engineering; or M.Sc. degree in Basic Science / Natural Science; or M.Tech. degree in Science/ or Technology /or Engineering.
  • The applicant should initially identify Institution and mentor. Alternatively, the application submission could be by nomination from Head of S&T Institutions across Kerala.
  • The host institutions can be Academic Institutions (Central & State), University Departments, Colleges recognized with R & D facilities, DSIR recognized institutions in Kerala or Institutions with appropriate R&D facility. The mentor should be a regular faculty of the host institute.
  • The application form along with required documents should be submitted as PDF format during the call opening period.
  • Co-mentorship for the program is encouraged. The Co-mentor of the host institution or other Organization must have an experience in enterprise creation.
  • The applicant selected for the programme should join the host institute within 15 days of receiving the initial grant from KSCSTE.


Formats & Documents to be uploaded in the online application