Dr. C. Arunan
Principal Scientist
Basic Science Division
Ph. No. 0471. 2548 314
E-mail : carunan.kscste@kerala.gov.in
Current Role
The division supports bright post-graduate students in pursuing their career in research in basic science by providing financial support in the form of research fellowship. The division also supports the science departments & research centres in strengthening their centre by way procuring sophisticated equipment.
MSc., Ph.D. (M.G. University, Kottayam)

Post-doctoral researcher at EPFL, Switzerland (2001-2007)

Experience in sophisticated analytical instruments, protein/peptide chemistry, protein folding studies, polymer synthesis, peptide synthesis, neurodegenerative disease, science scheme management
Awards & Recognitions
UGC-CSIR (JRF & SRF), STEC Young Scientist Awardee, Swiss National Research Foundation Award
  • Switch peptides in statu nascendi: Induction of conformational transitions relevant to degenerative diseases. M. Mutter, Arunan C., C. Boyat, J. Lopez, S. Dos Santos, B. Mandal, R. Mimna, K. Murat, L. Patiny, L. Saucede, and G. Tuchscherer. Angew Chem Int Ed, 43(32): 4172-4178, 2004.
  • Switch-Peptides: From Conformational Studies to Alzheimer’s Disease.L. Saucède, L; D Sonia S.; Arunan C.; B. Mandal; R. Mimna; K. Murat, M. Camus, J. Bérard,; E. Grouzmann, E; M . Adrian; J. Doubochet; J. Lopez; L Hilal; G. Tuchscherer ; Mutter, M. CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 60, (4) 199-202, 2006
  • Switch-Peptides: Controlling Self- Assembly of Amyloid beta-Derived Peptides in vitro by Consecutive Triggering of Acyl Migrations. Dos S, Sonia; Arunan C; M, Bhubaneswar; M Richard; M Karine; S Lydiane; T Patricia; T Gabriele; M Manfred. J Am Chem Soc, 127(34), 11888-11889, 2005
  • Synthesis of acyl carrier protein fragment 65-74 on a flexible cross-linked polystyrene support: comparison with Merrifield resin.. C. Arunan; V.NR. Pillai. Tetrahedron, 56(19), 3005-3011, 2000.
  • Kannurin, a novel lipopeptide from Bacillus cereus strain AK1: isolation, structural evaluation and antifungal activities. Ajesh K, Sudarslal S, Arunan C, Sreejith K., J Appl Microbiol. 115(6):1287-96, 2013.
Membership in Professional Bodies
Kerala Academy of Sciences (KAS)