Dr. Neethu B
Junior Scientist


Ph. No.
E-mail : neethu.kscste@kerala.gov.in
Current Role
Managing the following schemes and programmes of council aimed at promoting Science and Technology development in the State.

  • Partnering Academic Industrial Research (PAIR)
  • A.P.J Abdul Kalam Youth Challenge Programme
  • Schemes for promoting Young Talents in Science (SPYTiS)
  • Crafting Young Scientists of Tomorrow (CRYSTAL)
  • Science education centre
  • National Science Day and National Mathematics Day
  • PhD- Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India
  • M-Tech- Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Civil Engineering Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur, India
  • B-Tech- Civil Engineering, NSS College of Engineering, Calicut, Kerala, India
  • Assistant professor (ADHOC) in National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut, Kerala, India
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil/Chemistry, MITS, Andhra Pradesh, India
Awards & Recognitions
  • Chief Ministers Nava Kerala Post- Doctoral Fellowship from honourable Chief Minister of Kerala.
  • Achievement award from Integrated Civil Engineers Council, Kerala.
  • Neethu B. and Ghangrekar M. M., (2017). Electricity generation through a photo sediment microbial fuel cell using algae at the cathode. Water Science and Technology, p.wst2017485.
  • Neethu B., Bhowmick G. D., and Ghangrekar M. M. (2018). Enhancement of bioelectricity generation and algae productivity in microbial carbon-capture cell using low cost coconut shell as membrane separator. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 133, 205-213.
  • Neethu B., H. Pradhan, Pankaj Sarkar and Ghangrekar M. M. (2019). Application of ion exchange membranes in enhancing algae production alongside desalination of saline water in microbial fuel cell. MRS Advances.
  • Neethu B., Bhowmick G. D., and Ghangrekar M. M. (2019).A novel proton exchange membrane developed from clay and activated carbon derived from coconut shell for application in microbial fuel cell. Biochemical Engineering Journal.
  • Neethu, B., V. Tholia, and M. M. Ghangrekar. “Optimizing Performance of a Microbial Carbon-Capture Cell using Box-Behnken Design.” Process Biochemistry (2020).
Membership in Professional Bodies
  • Material Research Society (MRS)
  • Integrated Civil Engineers Council (ICEC)